Classes for Festive Season 2018

The festive season is coming! It’s harder to get out of bed in the morning, and getting dark early. We need to enjoy! We have a variety of cooking classes for this winter season.

Introduction to Japanese Food : Winter is for anyone looking for new recipe ideas for this season. We are going to make variety of aperitif dishes based on popular Japanese meals and flavours.

Sushi Making : Basic is always a popular class, and will be a take-away class in December. The portion of sushi you make during the class will be enough to serve 2 people as a meal, or 4-6 people as side-dish. Learn how to make sushi and prepare for your party!

We also need piping-hot meals in this season, don’t we? Our popular Ramen making class is perfect!

I’m very happy to announce my new class Vegetarian with Japanese Food : Autumn-Winter. You will learn about a variety of Japanese vegetarian ingredients and how to cook them.

Remember: For groups of 2 or more classes can be held from Monday to Friday at lunchtime on a date of your preference, but the class will remain open for others to join. For groups of 6 people, a private class can be arranged on the date of your preference, and this includes evenings and weekends. For any questions or extra information, feel free to contact me.

Here’s wishing a lovely festive season to all!

MatchaGreen Cookery Events

3.11.2018 (Sat/sa) 15h30 at Le Régio Châtel-St-Denis, Introduction to Japanese Cooking

11.11.2018 (Sun/di) 14h at Marutcha Lausanne, Confectionery SOLD OUT

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