Cooking Classes in Autumn 2018

Cooking Classes in Autumn 2018

Hi all!

How did you enjoy this hot-hot summer?  It’s been deadly hot all over the world (especially in the northern hemisphere) this year.

I just came back from Japan. I’ve never seen so many tourists, wherever I went, not only in the popular tourist places, but very local places too. The tourists must have more information more than I do!  I hope everyone can enjoy my country, culture and food!

We also enjoy lots of foreign food in Japan (we like something new, and always love new food as long as it’s tasty!), and I see lots of articles, menus and recipes related to Japanese food outside of Japan nowadays. However, some of them are very modified from the classic versions, and some of the basic methods such as cooking Japanese rice are not so efficient. Some of these variations are interesting, but I would like you to know the best basic technique and authentic recipes and flavours, then you can adjust them to your own tastes. I teach Japanese food and cooking techniques in my classes which you can easily try at home.

I have “recharged” during my holiday with Japanese food,  and now I’m ready to start the new season of cooking. Here are the upcoming classes.

Remember – if you are already more than 4 people you can request a private class (weekends and evening classes are from 6 people). Don’t hesitate to contact me for your special event. Weekends are very popular, if you can’t yet decide the details, I recommend at least you to grab the date.