March 3rd is “Hina-maturi (ひな祭り)“. This is a festival for girls, and we pray for a girl’s healthy growth.

We celebrate most traditional festivals with a particular food for it. For “Hina-maturi“, we make “Chirashi-sushi (we pronounce Chirashi-zushi)” and “Clear soup with Hamaguri (big clams).

This photo is from my sister who is living in Japan. They celebrated it at the weekend.


I make “Chirashi-sushi“, but with less raw fish than my sister did. I miss “Sashimi” which is sliced raw fish. Yes, we can eat sushi here, but there is not the variety of raw fish available in the shops. I understand that Switzerland is not on a sea-coast (!), and I believe has had no food culture of eating raw fish in the past.

To be honest, I am impressed they can eat raw fish at all! I remember when I first ate raw meat (steak tartar), I closed my eyes and just swallowed it. It must be same for European people with raw fish …

Well, but here in Suisse-Romande raw oysters are popular in winter! They must not feel too reluctant to eat raw fish.

This is a festival for girls. I should continue to celebrate it!