Oven Katsu & Curry (Katsu Curry)

(Japanese style curry with non-fried oven cooked katsu)


Katsu is a shortened form of the Japanese word cutlet, Curry + Cutlet = Katsu Curry. What is the difference between Indian curry and Japanese curry? The main difference is that Japanese curry is always served with cooked Japanese rice and is made with a curry roux, which gives it a thicker texture. You will learn everything you need to know about making Japanese Katsu Curry in this class.



Oven Katsu & Curry (Katsu Curry) : CHF100p.p.

  • Make Japanese curry roux from scratch that can be stored for later use (you will take home what you make)
  • Cook Japanese curry with the homemade curry roux
  • Cook Japanese gluten free curry
  • Learn how to cook non-fried, crispy, healthy chicken katsu with oven
  • Curry pan (Curry filling bread)

*Home made dessert is including.


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