Katsudon (rice bowl with tonkatsu)

“Katsudon” is “Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlets)” + Japanese rice in a bowl, it’s a Japanese one plate dish.

“Donburi” is the name for meals served in a bowl, and “~don” is this bowl with Japanese rice or another garnish on the top. Examples are:

  • “Oyakodon (chicken & egg on rice)”,
  • “Gyudon (cooked beef with sweet soy sauce on rice),
  • “Tendon (tempura on rice)”,
  • “Kaisendon (raw seafood topping with sushi rice)”

… and more! “Katsudon” is perhaps the most famous and popular “donburi”, especially for teenage boys, because it’s really filling (high calorie!). But it’s so yummy, just enjoy it instantly!

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