Introduction to Japanese home cooking


Workshop details – Oyakodon: spring 2019

In this introductory class to Japanese home cooking for the springtime, we cook a famous popular dish: “Oyakodon” (egg & chicken rice bowl). The combination of egg, chicken, onion and rice is really perfect! This is an easy dish to prepare at home.

We also cook seasonal yummy spring vegetables, and make a simple and quick dessert with Matcha.

Workshop menu: CHF 105*

  • Oyakodon (rice bowl with egg and chicken)
  • Kinpira carrot (carrot stir fry kinpira style)
  • Asparagus spring roll
  • Crispy aburaage with sesame and miso sauce salad
  • Quick Matcha dessert

* We will these traditional Japanese ingredients: Miso (soybean paste), Aburaage (very thin deep fried tofu), Shôyu (soy sauce), Mirin (sweet cooking sake), Sake (rice wine), and Matcha (baby green tea leaf powder)

A home-made dessert and Japanese tea will be provided free of charge.

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28.04.2019 (Sun) : 10h30