Japanese Confectionery Class



We make two different types of mochi at this class. One is Daifuku-mochi with the black sesame mousse filling. The black sesame flavour is very popular in Japan, and used for other confectionery too, such as black sesame ice-cream. How do you imagine the taste? To find out join the class!

The other mochi is called Warabi-mochi. We make Wabrabi-Mochi with warabi-powder and tapioca powder, and two different flavours. It’s served with Kinako (roasted soy bean powder) and Kuromitus (Japanese brown sugar sirop).


Japanese Confectionery Class : CHF69


  • Daifuku-mochi with black sesame mousse filling 
  • Warabi-mochi served with kinako & kuro mitsu (soy bean powder/brown sugar sirop)

* Japanese tea is including.

* The menu uses dairy and gelatine. / Gluten free.


Upcoming classes

26.10.2019 (Sat/sa) 13h30 : in French / en français

23.11.2019 (Sat/sa) 13h30

04.01.2020 (Sat/sa) 13h30

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