Japanese Home Cooking Class : Autumn/Winter


I think batch cooking is now a well known cooking principle. Prepare meals in advance, then eat them at other times. We call it Tsukurioki in Japanese. I make meals or prepare the ingredients in bulk at one time, then often use them for other meals later.

I like batch cooking, because it saves time and cost. But I don’t fancy using whole day for cooking, and then eating the same thing all week. I change from one meal to another. It’s already half done, so helps to reduce the cooking time.

In this class I introduce some basic batch cooked dishes (storeable!!), then make some pre-arrange meals with them. I’m sure it will help with your busy life as well as enjoying the food!


Japanese Home Cooking Class : CHF105


* We cook the basic dishes first, then make the other meals. In total 6 different meals.

  • Gyu soboro (flavoured cooked ground beef) 
  • Soboro-don (rice ball with guy-soboro)
  • Vegetable saute with guy-soboro
  • Quick and easy chicken breast meat
  • Chicken with yummy ginger spring onion sauce
  • Salad with sesame-miso salad dressing
  • *Shirataki noodle saute with vegetables
  • Low calorie spring roll with shirataki saute

* We will use seasonal vegetables.

* Home made dessert, and Japanese tea are included.


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