Have you heard of Soba noodles ( buckwheat noodle)? This is my favourite Japanese noodle… (well, I love other Japanese noodles, such Ramen and Udon too!) It’s normally served cold with a dipping sauce or hot with a soup. Both are accompanied with very simple topping such as Negi(Japanese long onion, somewhere between leek and spring onion). In this class however, we will make two original dish using soba.

We will also make Goma-tôfu (sesame-tofu) which is often used in Shôjin-ryôri (Japanese traditional vegetarian meals at Buddhist temples). We will include the Japanese traditional ingredient, Kuzu starch.

Vegetarian with Japanese Food / Spring-Summer : CHF98

  • Soba salad with tôfu crouton (salad with Japanese soba noodles-buckwheat noodle)
  • Salad dressing for soba salad with Japanese vegetarian broth
  • Soba inarizushi (soba noodle sushi with Age- fried tôfu wrap)
  • Usuyaki-tamago (thin egg sheet) and arranged usuyaki-tamago
  • Goma-tôfu (sesame tôfu)
  • Edamame beans apéro
  • Japanese potato salad

* Homemade dessert and Japanese tea are offered.


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