Workshop: temari-sushi (手まり寿司)

★ Cours également disponible en Français ( にほんごでも!)
A temari is a small, hand-sized toy ball made of fabric, often embroidered. It’s beautifully stitched and very colourful.

Wikipedia: Temari

This Temari-sushi is a mini-ball of individual sushi. You will learn how to make sushi-rice, which is very basic and useful, but is also a very important skill for making all kinds of sushi as well as making lovely “Temari-sushi“.

Chawan-mushi is often translated as “Japanese egg custard”, but I imagine that the word “custard” means it is sweet. However, this is a savoury and not a dessert.

Do you know Consommé Royal (French cuisine)? It’s probably similar.

Wikipedia: Chawan-mushi (茶碗蒸し)

Temari-sushi class menu

  • Temari-sushi ( Mini ball sushi) : 手まり寿司
  • Chawan-mushi (Steamed savoury egg custard, Japanese Consommé Royal)茶碗蒸し
  • Hakusai-asazuke ( Express chinese cabbage pickles ) : 白菜浅漬け
  • Salad in a citrus cup : シトラスカップ入りサラダ
  • Kakitama-jiru (Eggy clear soup) : かき玉汁

Dessert is on the house, provided by MatchaGreen!

Cost: CHF 105

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See you there!