Japanese Confectionery

Daifuku-Mochi & Dorayaki

Ichigo daifukudorayaki

In this class we make two sweet desserts : a special kind of Daifuku-Mochi and Dorayaki.

Mochi is a rice paste made from glutinous rice. Classic Daifuku-Mochi is made of only two ingredients: sweet mochi and a sweet Azuki bean paste called anko. Ichigo-Daifuku adds a strawberry.

Ichigo-Daifuku-Mochi is very popular now in Japan, as is Dorayaki. The Japanese film “Sweet Beans” (in English) introduced these desserts to people outside Japan.

Workshop details

Daifuku-Mochi & Dorayaki : CHF72

This class takes place when we have a minimum of 4 people.

Workshop menu

  • Daifuku-Mochi (the filling will be changed by season)
  • Dorayaki (Japanese pancake sandwich)

*Daifuku Mochi is NOT filled with ice cream.

* Japanese tea will be served.

* The strawberry can be replaced by any other seasonal fruit.


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