Cooking Workshops for Your EVENT

The goal of a Cooking Workshop session is the fun, not mastering the techniques.

Each “Cooking Workshop” can be customised for you, based on a class from our regular offering. (Have a look at our Workshop Calendar to get an idea of what you can choose from.)

These workshops have already proved popular as TEAM BUILDING for colleagues, ANNIVERSARY and HEN NIGHT for friends….. Whatever the occasion, we can adapt it for you! Depending on logistics, we may even be able to hold it at YOUR HOUSE.


Workshop Menu

– The menu can be adapted to your requirements and changes (e.g. add other starters or finger foods, learn sushi + more, etc.) If you already have a preferred class, please let us know.

– Vegetarian option is available (but it depends on the menu).


General Conditions

– Private lessons require a minimum total amount per event. Prices vary according to the duration of the course.

– Minimum price  : The class total from CHF 300 weekday lunch time, from CHF600 weekday evening and weekend lunchtime, CHF700 weekend evening

– If the total amount is not met the minimum total cost, you will be asked to make up the shortfall with additional content. (For example, additional food, additional content such as dessert preparation, additional cakes, etc.)

– This class can be held at my place (or for larger groups, other locations may be rented.) , or location of your choice.


When you contact us, we’ll need to know

  • How many will you be?
  • Any ideal dates and the time (lunch, afternoon, evening)? (If possible please give us a few dates.)
  • What is the nature of the celebration? (hen party, company event, family celebration? etc)
  • Any special requests?
  • Any food allergies?

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