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Who am I?

Hello, and welcome to theMatchaGreen! My name is Akiko. I am Japanese, born and raised in Japan. Now I live in Switzerland (Echandens : between Lausanne and Morges / Canton de Vaud) with my own family. I love to eat and cook and am interested in all foods.

about Japanese Home Cooking

The meals I cook at home are what we eat today in Japan. They include traditional and contemporary cuisine.

Recently, sushi has become surprisingly popular outside of Japan; you can even buy it in supermarkets. The sushi varieties and ingredients have changed a lot since my childhood. I think it’s important – even essential – to respect tradition, but change is normal and it can bring a plus. I love to eat in restaurants, because we can eat things which are not easy to cook at home, and because it often gives me new ideas for my own recipes!

At home we all have constraints like time, budget and sourcing the ingredients. Even so, we should enjoy cooking and eating. After all, we need to eat every day!

I hope you like my recipes. I will be thrilled if you try them at home, and would be delighted if they contribute to your enjoyment with friends, family … and of course for your own pleasure!

theMatchaGreen Cooking Classes

thematchaGreen cooking class takes place at a private residential home located in Echandens (between Lausanne and Morges).

Most of my cooking classes are hands on. You will learn about Japanese ingredients as well as how to use them. There are a variety of menus which are mix of very traditional Japanese dishes and modern / fusion Japanese cooking.

Sushi Making Class / Basic :  You will learn how to prepare the sushi rice, the other ingredients and how to make sushi. Once you learn the tips, you can try it at home easily.

Introduction to Japanese Food : You will learn a variety of Japanese dishes, what they taste like, how to eat them, how to behave at a table or restaurant in Japan, food shopping in Japan, and more. (The menu changes with the seasons)

Ramen & Gyoza Making Class : We will make two different soup flavours (soy sauce base and spicy miso base), make the Ramen noodles from scratch, and prepare the toppings. Also we make the popular Japanese pan fried dumpling Gyoza as a side dish.

Vegetarian with Japanese Food : The menus are not only Japanese traditional food, but also fusion food too. Once you learn Japanese ingredients for vegetarian recipes and how to use them, you can choose to use them for your daily meals. (The menu changes with the seasons)

Japanese Confectionary Class : We will make 3 different Japanese sweets at this class. This will include Ichigo-Daifuku, Dorayaki and Mitarashi danngo.

Cooking Classes for Private Events : These fun cooking classes are specially designed for a group event: have fun with your friends, family or colleagues. If you are more than 4 people (up to 10 people), we are happy to arrange a special class for you with a personal touch.

Bonjour, et Bienvenue à theMatchaGreen.

Je m’appelle Akiko. Je suis japonaise, suis née et élévée au Japon. Maintenant j’habite en Suisse (Echandens : entre Lausanne et Morges / Canton Vaud) avec ma famille. J’aime manger, cuisiner et m’intéresse à tous les aliments.

A la maison, je fais pour la plupart le genre de cuisine qu’on mange au Japon. C’est-à-dire que je cuisine parfois de façon traditionnelle et parfois plutôt de façon contemporaine.

Depuis peu, les sushi sont étonnamment populaires à l’étranger; on peut même en acheter au supermarché! Pourtant, depuis mon enfance les variations et les ingrédients ont beaucoup changé.

Je pence qu’il est primordial de respecter la tradition, mais le changement est important et normal. Changer peut apporter un plus.

J’adore manger au restaurant. On peut manger quelque chose de nouveau et/ou quelque chose qu’on ne fait jamais à la maison – et cela peut donner de nouvelles idées!

A la maison, on a beaucoup des limites; le temps, notre budget, pour combien de personnes … Mais j’adore m’amuser dans la cuisine. Après tout, on doit quand même manger tous les jours!

J’espère que vous allez apprécier mes recettes japonaises.  Je serais ravie si vous les essayez chez vous! J’espère beaucoup qu’elles vont contribuer à ces bons moments que vous partagez avec vos amis, votre famille … et bien sûr pour vous!

Bon appétit!

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