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Chilli & Edamame Nibble

Chilli & Edamame Nibblepiment &edamame2

Do you like hot spicy food? Typical Japanese dishes are not so hot. Yes, we have the world famous wasabi, but the heat is quite different compared to other hot-hot spices. I grew up with my mother’s home style Japanese food, which was not hot or spicy at all. Heat does give punch to a dish, but it needs to be done well to enhance and not disguise the flavour of the ingredients. When I started to eat these spicy meals in restaurants with friends, I was already a late teenager. Now I eat and cook more hot, spicy dishes at home. Probably what I call hot is not enough at all for real hot spicy food lovers, but I do like it.

I’ve started to use chill for my cooking in Europe. Fresh chilli was not easy to get in Japan, it was very special, except shishitougarashi. This is a green chilli pepper, and one in ten might be hot, but not usually. We often eat it as tempura.

This recipe uses European red chilli pepper, Japanese edamame, and Swiss cheese. This taste combination works very well, and is also easy to make, tastes good and looks lovely. That means perfect for nibbles!?

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