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Cooking classes in April, May and June 2023

  These two classes will start with new menus. ‘Japanese Sweets’ and ‘Japanese Home Cooking’. Daifuku-mochi boasts a new flavour with lemon. The fresh flavour of lemon matches the texture of the mochi very well. Panna cotta made with agar and kuzu is a very light dessert, not too heavy.At Japanese home cooking class, it is […]

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Upcoming Classes – March & April 2022

Spring is coming ?! Here is the upcoming schedule for March and April 2022. The “Japanese Home Cooking” and the “Japanese Confectionery” are with new menu. I look forward to your booking a class! If you would like to have a private class, please feel free to contact me.

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{:en}Upcoming Classes Jan&Feb 2022{:}{:fr}Prochains Cours Jan&Feb 2022{:}

Upcoming Classes Jan&Feb 2022

A Happy New Year to you all. Things are not going to change much this year, but let’s find joy and move forward little by little. Here is the upcoming schedule for January and February 2022. I hope that the cooking classes will bring you some joy. If you would like to have a private class, […]

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