Goma-ae with haricot-beans (インゲンの胡麻和え)

We call any vegetable dish dressed with sesame Goma-ae (胡麻:ごま= sesame).  It could be with white or black sesame, but please use roasted sesame (Iri-goma:煎りごま). If you don’t have any, roast seeds in a pan for a few minutes with a touch of water until you get that nice roasted smell. (You don’t need any oil for roasting!). Then grind it. This increases the flavour and the lovely roasted aroma. Roasting also helps digestion, so you can get more nutrition out of the sesame.

This sesame sauce works for spinach, carrots and more many vegetables. Black or white sesame? It’s up to you! You can use brown sugar instead of white.

This dish is good for Bento too. It’s normally served at room temperature.