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Ichigo Daifuku Mochi - theMatchaGreen
Ichigo Daifuku Mochi

Ichigo Daifuku Mochi

Ichigo : 苺(いちご) : Strawberry
Daifuku : 大福(だいふく) : Mochi & Anko

Don’t you think its funny that this recipe is categorised under “Rice”? Its not at all like the rice that you know, but the main ingredient is rice.

Have you heard of Mochi (餅:もち) ? Mochi is a rice-cake, made with a special rice which is called Mochigome (餅米:もちごめ ) . The dry mochigome grain is much whiter, but the shape is the same as other rice grains. It takes much longer to cook.

This Ichigo Daifuku ( いちご大福:いちごだいふく ) is made with mochigome rice powder. There are many varieties of daifuku.

With traditional daifuku the outside is mochi and the inside is anko (sweet mashed azuki beans). Ichigo Daifuku is a modern daifuku, with a strawberry inside.

It hasn’t been so long since this Ichigo Daifuku appeared. It was sensational for the Japanese traditional sweet market (at least for me)! Before this daifuku, strawberries were used only for non-Japanese baking or desserts. I was not sure that it would go well with the anko, but yes, it did.

Oishii ( 美味しい:おいしい ) ! / Yummy! The strawberry’s sour taste goes very well with the anko’s sweetness .