squash goat cheese

Kabocha Squash & Goat Cheese Pie

This is my winning recipe from a cooking competition with goat cheese as the main ingredient. It was in Autumn, and I wanted to create something using seasonal ingredients. I know I should not just stick some Japanese ingredient in here, but Japanese pumpkin is still my favorite. Recently there are examples of Japanese squash, such as Kabocha, Hokkaido, Green Delice, in markets and even in some big supermarkets. If you don’t find these , use pottimarron (red kuri squash in English?). Enjoy the squash and goat cheese flavour collaboration, and also the colour!


It’s served with mushroom sauce. This sauce works well with chicken, and beef too. To make the sauce thicker I use and prefer potato starch to corn starch. Both are used to thicken sauces, but the result is bit different. Sauce made with potato starch is much clearer than sauce made with corn starch, and less is needed. If you don’t have potato starch, corn starch can be used for this recipe, just use little bit more.

The mushroom! It doesn’t matter what kind of mushrooms you use. Of course the flavour will be different depending on the mushroom, but it could be your original. Please try different types of mushroom, especially during Autumn, and create your own meal based on this recipe.