Pork Rolled Rice

Pork Rolled Rice

Nikumaki rice2This “Pork Rolled Rice” can be a nibble for any party. Whenever I attend a party, I’m already very hungry, it’s always too long to be patient and wait for the main meal! Therefore there are some nibbles. But I don’t want to fill myself up with crisps. I like to have something nice before the main dish.Nikumaki rice 3

Rice is often served as a final course in Japan, to fill any spaces left! But this is small, bite sized. I believe it helps you to wait for a main meal when used as an aperitif. It’s easy to prepare in advance, and also to take with you to a party as a nibble.

This recipe needs cooked Japanese rice. See: basic Japanese white rice. You can use cooked frozen Japanese rice too. See: How to freeze cooked rice?

In this recipe I recommend that you cook 660 grams of rice (300g Japanese uncooked rice) because it is the easiest minimum portion to cook. You may not need it all. Adjust the rice portion to your taste, and freeze any left over.

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