Vegetable Chips (ベジタブル チップス)

Vegetable Chips (ベジタブル チップス)

Do you know that root vegetables are said to keep your body warm? Most root vegetables are autumn crop vegetables, such as carrots, beet, potatoes, etc. So here is one idea for your nibbles on an autumn evening. Actually I love this dish for BBQ nibbles and starters as well!

parsnipsAutumn is one of my favourite seasons. Why? That’s obvious, its the harvest season!veggie chips in paper cornets

And although it’s not a seasonal vegetable or fruit, I miss Pacific saury (Sanma : 秋刀魚/さんま), a well known autumn fish.

Seasonal food cooking is always simple and is the very best, unbeatable! Sprinkle salt over the fish, then grill. That’s all. How simple and easy it is! I like to eat it with grated white radish : (Daikon-oroshi/大根おろし) and maybe a touch of soy sauce.

I enjoy the autumn food here which is hard to get in Japan! I love any kind of root vegetable. Nowadays there are
many varieties, but when I started living here in Switzerland, parsnip could only be found just before Christmas and in specialised markets. But we can easily get it in supermarkets now. It is labelled an “old fashioned vegetable”. The parsnip season starts in autumn and continues though early spring.

This recipe works for any root vegetable except potato and sweet potato.origame boxes for veggie chips
vegetable chips