very berry macaron

Very Berry Macaron

It’s so cute, it’s so lovely. To make French macarons (might be macaroons in English, but not coconuts macaroon) is not easy for me. How many very sweet, almond, pasty, failed macaron shells have I eaten?! It’s so simple, but, actually very difficult. Honestly, I never failed so often to bake anything else, except maybe choux pastry. If I follow the recipe exactly, it may be ok. But I wanted to create a macaron that I like: not too sweet, not too chewy, and a lovely shape with a pied (fringe). For me a lovely appearance is one of the most important elements. However it should also taste good. You may prefer them much sweeter and chewier , but this is my favourite recipe.

very berry macaron

< The tips >

  • Freeze the egg white and then bring it back to room temperature just before use.
  • Please do the stage of “macaronage” (read the method) very carefully.
  • Make sure the macaron surface has dried enough before baking.
  • Never open the oven until the pied (fringe) appears and is set.
  • The butter cream recipe is Basic Butter Cream Recipe.

Enjoy making colourful, precious macarons!