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Japanese Home Cooking

How many other Japanese foods do you know besides sushi, ramen and okonomiyaki ,,,, ?

In this class you will learn about many of the Japanese foods that we eat at home, from the traditional to the fusion. As these meals are eaten on a daily basis, they are easy and not difficult to prepare or arrange.

And if you ever go to Japan, it will help you to discover different cuisines!

Japanese Home Cooking : CHF105p.p.

  • The menu changes from season to season.
  • We make one main dish (meat or fish), and several side dishes.
  • While you are tasting the food we’ve made, it’s Japanese Food Q&A time! I’ll answer any questions you have about Japan.
  • You can take these recipes away with you.

* A dessert and Japanese tea are included

Menu from September 2021

shougayaki       class              Green beans - goma-ae


Shougayaki (Japanese style ginger pork stir fry)

Gomaae (Vegetable salad with sesame sauce)

Chawanmushi (Japanese savoury custard)

Takikomi-gohan (flavoured Japanese cooked rice with vegetables)

Miso soup

* A dessert and Japanese tea are including.

  *  *   *

Upcoming classes

– 23.02.2022 (Wed/me) 18h30

– 27.02.2922 (Sun/di) 10h30

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