Japanese Cooking Class

Ramen & Gyoza Making

( Preparation of Ramen and Gyoza )

⚠️Please note, this class cannot accommodate food allergies (especially gluten).

Ramen and gyoza are popular in Japan and now all over the world. In this class you will learn to make everything you need to make ramen and gyoza, with recipes adapted to make them at home.


Class details

Ramen & Gyoza Making (preparation of ramen & gyoza) : CHF120p.p.

In this class we will:

  • Create two soups of different ingredients: shio (salt base) and spicy miso (based on a soy bean paste.
  • Make homemade ramen noodles.
  • Learn how to prepare the broth for ramen soup.
  • Add additional ingredients typically used for ramen, such as nibuta-pork, flavoured egg, spicy oil.
  • Make gyoza stuffed with pork as a side dish.
    *A home-made dessert is offered.

⚠️Please note;

– Pork is one of the main ingredients in this class. Class using only chicken is also available, but on different dates. Please contact us for dates. (also vegetarian menu will be different dates)

– The content of the “Easy Ramen & Gyoza” course is NOT exactly the same as our regular Ramen & Gyoza course.

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