Ramen & Gyoza Making

Ramen are the well known Japanese noodles loved all over the world for being a quick and easy meal. Gyoza are Japanese dumplings, a popular finger-food.


Workshop details

Ramen & Gyoza Making : CHF109

In this class, we will:

  • Make two soup bases: shio (soy salt-based) and spicy miso (soy bean paste-based)
  • Make the ramen noodles from scratch
  • Learn how to prepare the broth for ramen soup
  • Add other typical ingredients for ramen, such as nibuta pork, flavoured egg, spicy oil
  • Make a side-dish of gyoza dumplings with a pork filling

*A home made dessert is served.


Upcoming classes

30.06.2021 (Wed/me) 18h30 : Full/Complet

11.07.2021 (Sun/di) 10h30

27.07.2021 (Tue/me) : Easy Ramen & Gyoza (CHF90p.p.) 10h30

07.08.2021 (Sat/sa) in French / en français : 10h30


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