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Regular Workshops

Japanese Cookery Workshops / Cours de Cuisine Japonaise Click each picture to see the cooking class details. / Cliquez sur chaque image pour voir les détails de l’atelier. Click Here for the Classes Schedule.  Click Here for the Classes Schedule.  Would you like to see how I make the recipes featured on this site, and […]

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How to get to theMatchaGreen

How to get to theMatchaGreen in Echandens (Vaud) theMatchaGreen Japanese cookery workshops take place in Echandens between Lausanne and Morges (in Canton Vaud, Switzerland). Car : 5 minutes from the motorway exit no.18 Train / Echandens-Denges Bus 702 (from Bussigny or Morges) and 705 (from EPFL) I’ll send you the precise address and directions after […]

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About theMatchaGreen Hello, and welcome to theMatchaGreen! My name is Akiko. I am Japanese, born and raised in Japan. Now I live in Switzerland with my own family, in the Greater Lausanne area. I love to eat and cook and am interested in all foods. About Japanese Home Cooking The meals I cook at home […]

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Contact theMatchaGreen

Contact theMatchaGreen ありがとう! Thank you! Merci!

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Cooking Classes in May & June

Hello everyone! How are you enjoying the Spring season? Because so many flowers start to bloom in Switzerland after the long winter, it makes me miss Japanese cherry blossom. Well, here there are many different flowers which I can enjoy a lot! The feelings are different, but both make me happy, and encourage me to […]

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Omuraisu (オムライス) Omuraisu means Omelet with Rice. The best known kind contains chicken stir-fried rice flavoured with ketchup (or tomato sauce). My favourite Omuraisu omelette uses half-cooked egg. This way, the first bite of Omuraisu is a little runny, so that it mixes well with the ketchuppy fried rice! I loooove omelettes. But when I […]

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