moyashi salad

Bean Sprout Salad

Bean sprout salad

Bean sprout ( Moyashi:もやし), it’s an emergency ingredient that will help the budget, but it’s still a very nutritious vegetable. How kind it is!

This is a “Hashiyasume” plate. “Hashi“= chopstick, “yasume“= rest break. It is eaten as a light accompaniment to the main dishes. When we have a meal all the dishes are served at almost the same time with a home style dinner. (If you drink alcohol with the meal, rice and soup will be served at the end) “Hashiyasume” is normally something simple, something small, and something not too heavy.

I like to add peppery flavours, such as “Rayu“, “Shichimi“, “Takanotume” or mustard. And some nuts such as sesame and walnut always work well.