pork tsukudani

Pork tsukudani with soy sauce & ginger

In this picture the meat of the ginger pork with soy sauce is a very dark brown colour – more than I expected. It’s almost black!


This is a Tsukudani dish. Tsukudani means a side dish, but also a way of cooking.

Wikipedia : Tsukudani

It can consist of meat, fish or vegetables, cooked with soy sauce, mirin, and sake. The liquid is boiled down, resulting in a strong, concentrated flavour, which goes very well with white rice. The salt and sugar levels are high and it can be kept longer than most cooked foods. It’s ideal for Bento, but not as a main course.

You can make it sweeter, or peppery, or reduce the amount of condiments for health reasons. This recipe uses chunky pork and ginger root.

The texture of the meat is firm but not greasy.

I normally cook a batch in advance, then use it for stir-fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, salads and Bento. It’s also nice with Onigiri (rice balls).