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Root Vegetable Salad (根菜サラダ)

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Root Vegetable Salad

How often do you eat root vegetables? If you cook often with a an oven you probably roast a lot of root vegetables. I do use an oven for cooking, but only once a week or less. Root vegetables are a very good source of fiber, and they help our body to keep warm. Also the texture is harder than leaf vegetables, so we need to chew well = helps to develop the jaw = this is good for the brain!

One of this salads ingredients is burdock root. In Japanese “Gobou (ごぼう)“. In French it is bardane/salfisis. In Switzerland you can find a similar one: Scorsonere, but its not exactly what we eat in Japan. “Gobou” has a much harder texture and is “very roots”! I appreciate the first person who ever tied to eat this, but it’s an essential ingredient for some cooking such as “Ton-jiru” or “Nabe”. It gives a very deep flavour.

One of my favourite root vegetables is lotus root (Renkon:れんこん)”, but it’s not easy to find in Switzerland. If you can find it, try to make this salad with it.

You can add to or change these vegetables. Try to use a variety of vegetables, and if you can see more colour on the plate, it means a more well balanced plate.

You can also use olive oil, cottage cheese, or yogurt instead of mayonnaise if you need to consider of calories.