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Salty Belly Pork - theMatchaGreen
Salty Belly Pork

Salty Belly Pork

Salty Belly Pork


This boiled salty pork is one of my emergency meals, because it can be prepared in advance, and kept in the freezer. If you are invited to a potluck party, or you have guests and need one more thing at the dinner table, this boiled salty pork is very simple and easy to arrange on some dishes. It helps you a lot!

Salty porksalty pork2

I buy a big portion of unprepared lard of pork, which is the pork belly part. I buy it at a wholesale type shop (Aligro:http://www.aligro.ch), and there is no choice, it normally comes as 2-3kg for one portion! Because I keep it in a freezer, once the meat is prepared, it makes life easier and is useful for many recipes. So while 2-3kg of meat is a huge portion, but it won’t take long to disappear. Of course you don’t need to have such a big portion, but you will need to reduce the other ingredients, especially the salt, in line with your portion. Choose the very fatty part of the meat such as pork belly.

satypork&ricesalty pork with sandwich

In fact, this type of meat always contains a lot of fat. But most of the fat is taken off during the cooking, so it won’t be too heavy. I don’t recommend to use lean meat, the texture would be very dry.