Shougayaki (Ginger pork)

Shougayaki (Ginger pork)

I remember the first time I heard of “ginger cake”. Ginger in a cake?! It was a culture shock! It isn’t any more, but it was a long time ago, when I was a still a child. We always used ginger for cooking, but not for cakes! I couldn’t imagine what the flavour would be like.

My mother always used fresh ginger for cooking, never the new powdered stuff. We also use other spices for cooking nowadays, but not at that time. So do I like ginger cake and ginger biscuits? Yes, I do! And I love to learn more about spices. My taste for highly spiced food has not yet been developed enough.

Here in Switzerland, we get pain d’epices, a kind of gingerbread. They look like cake, but are not. I think it’s very French. I’m always happy to find new recipes for it.

Ok, now for Shougayaki.

Shouga : ginger

Yaki : sauté (the cooking method used)

This is a very easy recipe! It’s often served with raw, fresh, thin sliced cabbage. The sauce has a strong flavour, which works very well with the raw cabbage as long as it’s sliced thinly. Also, it works incredibly well with white rice. I could easily eat two bowls of rice (although I should not).

Because there is no thin-sliced pork here, I have to prepare it this way myself. This is the hardest part of the recipe. Otherwise you can prepare it all in advance, and cook it just before serving.