teriyaki pizza

Teriyaki Pizza

Teriyaki Pizza (照り焼きピザ)

teriyaki pizza2

Teriyaki is actually a cooking technique, although most people are familiar with it as the name of a sauce nowadays. Teriyaki uses mirin and soy sauce to make the ingredients shiny as much as to give the flavour. Italian people might disagree with this recipe, but it’s too late. There are many “Japanese style” pizzas and pastas in Japan. We import so many food ideas from outside of Japan, and then modify them to Japanese tastes. Well, of course we like and enjoy the original food as much as the modified one!

Avocado is fairly recent to Japan, but it became so popular in such a short time that we can easily to get it in supermarkets now.

One reason for its success is that avocado goes with soy sauce very well. When I first heard of California roll, I thought “what a silly idea!” At that time sushi was still a very traditional Japanese food using very traditional Japanese ingredients and fish. Nowadays there are many kind of sushi. Therefore this time is for pizza!

If you are not a fan of mayonnaise you can use mozzarella cheese the same as any other pizza, but mayonnaise works really well in this teriyaki pizza.