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{:en}Upcoming Classes Jan&Feb 2022{:}{:fr}Prochains Cours Jan&Feb 2022{:}

Upcoming Classes Jan&Feb 2022

A Happy New Year to you all. Things are not going to change much this year, but let’s find joy and move forward little by little. Here is the upcoming schedule for January and February 2022. I hope that the cooking classes will bring you some joy. If you would like to have a private class, […]

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{:en}Upcoming Cooking Classes from September & October 2020{:}{:fr}Upcoming Classes from September 2020{:}

Upcoming Cooking Classes from September & October 2020

How was your summer? How is your life with the new-normal? I do my best in my ordinary life and of course at my cooking classes. I would like to say thank you to all participants who have been very kind, understanding the “new-standards” and always very supportive. Here is the course calendar for September at […]

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Upcoming Cooking Classes in June & July

Upcoming Cooking Classes / Spring-Summer 2020 You can see upcoming classes in June and July on the workshop calendar now. If you are interested in Japanese Home Cooking and Vegetarian with Japanese food, please contact me. Vous pouvez les cours à venir en juin et juillet voir sur le calendrier de l’atelier. Si vous êtes […]

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{:en}Japanese cookery workshops near Lausanne, Switzerland{:}{:fr}Cours de Cuisine Japonaise près de Lausanne, Vaud{:}

Japanese cookery workshops near Lausanne, Switzerland

Japanese cookery workshops near Lausanne, Switzerland Would you like to see how I make these Japanese recipes, and to learn my tips? When you come to one of my Japanese cookery workshops, we prepare and cook a menu together in a small group, then we eat together. To find out about our current workshops, click here: Regular […]

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