らーめん&餃子クラス このクラスは日本語でのクラスとなります。レシピを英語、またはフランス語でご希望の方はお申し込みの際にお伝えください。 Classes on this day will be held in Japanese. Ramen & Gyoza Making : CHF110 2種類のらーめんスープ: 塩ラーメンとスパイシー味噌 らーめんの麺を一から作成。 らーめん用の出汁の取り方 らーめんの具など: 煮豚チャーシュー、味付け卵、鶏油 餃子: 皮も一から作成。具は基本の豚肉。 *ミニ自家製デザートプレートが付きます。 Sign up for the workshop お申し込みはこちら Workshop Schedule Calendar 料理教室日程表 平日昼間は、少人数でのプライベートクラスも受け付けております。お問い合わせください。 Contact MatchaGreen

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{:en}Japanese Street Food{:}{:fr}Street Food Japonais{:}

Japanese Street Food

Japanese Cooking Class Japanese Street Food Okonomiyaki・Yakisoba・Yakitori・Takoyaki At this cooking class you will learn to cook the popular Japanese street foods Okonomiyaki (savoury cabbage pancake), Yakisoba(Japanese-style stir-fried noodle dish), Yakitori (Japanese chicken skewer) . Do you like savoury crêpes or pancakes?  Then you will love Okonomiyaki! Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style savoury pancake with cabbage served with […]

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Japanese Cooking Classes Schedule Calendar The schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Please be aware that the schedule is subject to change without prior notice. (Confirmed classes will not be changed). ⚠️The class language 🇬🇧🇫🇷is determined in preference to the choice of the first person to book the class. Thank you for your understanding. […]

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{:en}Olive Oil Meets Japanese Food{:}{:fr}Olive Oil Meets Japanese Food{:}

Olive Oil Meets Japanese Food

Olive Oil Meets Japanese Food Workshop with L’atelier de saisons & theMatchaGreen What do you know about olive oil? How do you use it in your cooking? Would you like to  know how I use it in Japanese cooking? You can learn both in this workshop! Dans cet atelier, “L’Atelier de Saisons“, une sommelière d’huile […]

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Introduction to Japanese home cooking

Japanese Home Cooking

Japanese Cooking Class Japanese Home Cooking : CHF105p.p. How many other Japanese foods do you know besides sushi, ramen and okonomiyaki ,,,, ? In this class you will learn about many of the Japanese foods that we eat at home, from the traditional to the fusion. As these meals are eaten on a daily basis, […]

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{:en}Collaboration Event{:}{:fr}Événement de Collaboration{:}

Collaboration Event

These are collaborative events. You can discover the various possibilities and potentials of these products and discover new Japanese food and new tastes. If you are interested in collaborating with me on a cooking and tasting workshop or a photo shoot, please do not hesitate to contact me.   Japanese Confectionery / Douceur japonaise : CHF70p.p. […]

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{:en}Vegetarian with Japanese Food{:}{:fr}Vegetarian with Japanese Food{:}

Vegetarian with Japanese Food

Japanese Cooking Class Vegetarian with Japanese Food : CHF105 Sushi, ramen, gyoza and okonomiyaki are popular, but how about some Japanese home cooking? You can learn many Japanese traditional and fusion vegetarian meals at this class. *The menu will be repeated several times, but is subject to change without notice. *The “Japanese Home Cooking” menu […]

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Workshop : Easy Ramen & Gyoza

Japanese Cooking Workshop Easy Ramen & Gyoza This workshop is designed to provide fun for everyone, not only for those who like to cook. Even if you don’t like preparing food and never intend to learn how, that’s fine! The point is for all of you to enjoy the activity together. *Private lessons must be […]

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{:en}Japanese Confectionery{:}{:fr}Douceurs Japonaises{:}

Japanese Confectionery

Japanese Confectionery (Daifuku-Mohi & Others) We make two Japanese sweets, one is Daifuku-Mochi and another Japanese confectionery. You will discover not only Japanese food but also various Japanese sweets in this class! The Daifuku-Mochi filling and the other sweets vary according to the season. Japanese Confectionery : CHF70p.p. Making Daifuku-Mochi dough and the filling Making other Japanese […]

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{:en}Oven Cooked Katsu & Curry (Katsu Curry){:}{:fr}Katsu au Four & Curry (Katsu Curry){:}

Oven Cooked Katsu & Curry (Katsu Curry)

Oven Katsu & Curry (Katsu Curry) (Japanese style curry with non-fried oven cooked katsu)   Katsu is a shortened form of the Japanese word cutlet, Curry + Cutlet = Katsu Curry. What is the difference between Indian curry and Japanese curry? The main difference is that Japanese curry is always served with cooked Japanese rice […]

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{:en}Upcoming Cooking Classes from September & October 2020{:}{:fr}Upcoming Classes from September 2020{:}

Upcoming Cooking Classes from September & October 2020

How was your summer? How is your life with the new-normal? I do my best in my ordinary life and of course at my cooking classes. I would like to say thank you to all participants who have been very kind, understanding the “new-standards” and always very supportive. Here is the course calendar for September at […]

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{:en}Japanese Confectionery (afternoon/après-midi) :Autumn-Winter 2020{:}{:fr}Japanese Confectionery (après-midi): autumn 2020{:}

Japanese Confectionery (afternoon/après-midi) :Autumn-Winter 2020

Japanese Confectionery : CHF69 Daifuku-Mochi (marron cream) + Dorayaki (matcha cream + anko) We will make marron cream filled Daifuku-Mochi & Dorayaki with matcha/anko filling at the Japanese confectionery class this season. Japanese Confectionery : CHF69 Daifuku-Mochi (marron cream) + Dorayaki (matcha cream/anko) * Japanese tea is included. * The menu uses dairy. Up coming […]

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