らーめん&餃子クラス このクラスは日本語でのクラスとなります。レシピを英語、またはフランス語でご希望の方はお申し込みの際にお伝えください。 Classes on this day will be held in Japanese. Ramen & Gyoza Making : CHF110 2種類のらーめんスープ: 塩ラーメンとスパイシー味噌 らーめんの麺を一から作成。 らーめん用の出汁の取り方 らーめんの具など: 煮豚チャーシュー、味付け卵、鶏油 餃子: 皮も一から作成。具は基本の豚肉。 *ミニ自家製デザートプレートが付きます。 Sign up for the workshop お申し込みはこちら Workshop Schedule Calendar 料理教室日程表 平日昼間は、少人数でのプライベートクラスも受け付けております。お問い合わせください。 Contact MatchaGreen

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{:en}Japanese Street Food{:}{:fr}Street Food Japonais{:}

Japanese Street Food

Japanese Cooking Class Japanese Street Food Okonomiyaki・Yakisoba・Yakitori・Takoyaki ⚠️Please note, this class cannot accommodate food allergies (especially gluten). At this cooking class you will learn to cook the popular Japanese street foods Okonomiyaki (savoury cabbage pancake), Yakisoba(Japanese-style stir-fried noodle dish), Yakitori (Japanese chicken skewer) . Do you like savoury crêpes or pancakes?  Then you will love Okonomiyaki! Okonomiyaki […]

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Calendrier des Cours de Cuisine Japonaise Japanese Cooking Classes Schedule 🇫🇷Veuillez noter que le programme est susceptible d’être modifié sans préavis. (Les cours confirmées ne seront pas modifiées). ⚠️La langue du cours 🇫🇷🇬🇧est déterminée de préférence au choix de la première personne à réserver le cours. Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension. 🇬🇧Please note that the programme […]

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Introduction to Japanese home cooking

Japanese Home Cooking (cuisine japonaise familiale)

Japanese Cooking Class Cours de Cuisine Japonais  * Japanese Home Cooking Cuisine Japonaise Familiale CHF115p.p. * Menu from April 2024 / Menu de Avril 2024 * OMURICE (Japanese Rice Omelette / Omelette Japonaise au Riz) * (Offer: a dessert plate and Japanese tea or coffee une assiette de desserts et du thé ou du café […]

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{:en}Collaboration Event{:}{:fr}Événement de Collaboration{:}

Collaboration Event

These are collaborative events. You can discover the various possibilities and potentials of these products and discover new Japanese food and new tastes. If you are interested in collaborating with me on a cooking and tasting workshop or a photo shoot, please do not hesitate to contact me.   Japanese Confectionery / Douceur japonaise : CHF70p.p. […]

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{:en}Vegetarian with Japanese Food{:}{:fr}Vegetarian with Japanese Food{:}

Vegetarian with Japanese Food

Japanese Cooking Class Vegetarian with Japanese Food You can learn many Japanese traditional and fusion vegetarian meals at this class. *Most vegetarian classes are held separately from our regular classes. Please see the “Japanese Home Cooking” and “Ramen & Gyoza Making” classes. “Japanese Confectionery“ class is according to the menu (menu changes twice a year). Sign […]

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{:en}Japanese Confectionery{:}{:fr}Douceurs Japonaises{:}

Japanese Confectionery

Douceurs Japonaises (Daifuku-MOCHI & Autres) Nous préparons deux douceurs japonaises, l’un est le Daifuku-Mochi et une autre douceur japonaise. Vous découvrirez non seulement la nourriture japonaise mais aussi de diverses douceurs japonaises dans ce cours ! La garniture du Daifuku-Mochi et les autres douceurs varient selon la saison. Veuillez vous référer au menu. Confiserie Japonaise : CHF88p.p. […]

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{:en}Upcoming Cooking Classes from September & October 2020{:}{:fr}Upcoming Classes from September 2020{:}

Upcoming Cooking Classes from September & October 2020

How was your summer? How is your life with the new-normal? I do my best in my ordinary life and of course at my cooking classes. I would like to say thank you to all participants who have been very kind, understanding the “new-standards” and always very supportive. Here is the course calendar for September at […]

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cooking class

Upcoming Cooking Classes in June & July

Upcoming Cooking Classes / Spring-Summer 2020 You can see upcoming classes in June and July on the workshop calendar now. If you are interested in Japanese Home Cooking and Vegetarian with Japanese food, please contact me. Vous pouvez les cours à venir en juin et juillet voir sur le calendrier de l’atelier. Si vous êtes […]

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cooking class

Upcoming Cooking Classes / Spring-Summer 2020

These are our regular cookery classes with new menu from March. You can see them on the workshop calendar. Japanese Home Cooking : CHF105 Bento × Karaage  Vegetarian with Japanese Food  : CHF98 Soba Noodle & Goma Tôfu   Japanese Confectionery : CHF69 Daifuku-Mochi (berry cheesecake filling) & Kohakutô   Regular Classes Sushi Making – […]

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Vegetarian Ramen & Gyoza Class

VEGETARIAN RAMEN & GYOZA Ramen & Gyoza, they are top popular Japanese street food now. Why not for vegetarian?! You can learn how to make vegetarian Japanese dashi broth as well as the ramen noodle and gyoza. VEGETARIAN Ramen & Gyoza Class : CHF118 In this class, we will: make two soup bases : shôyu […]

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Gyoza Set Menu

Japanese Cooking Class Gyoza Set Menu Gyoza is a Japanese-style pan-fried + steamed dumpling. It’s a hands-on class. We make the gyoza from scratch and end up with a gyoza set meal!   Gyoza Making : CHF90p.p. (to take away after the class: CHF80p.p.) In this class we will: Make gyoza wraps from scratch Make gyoza […]

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