Stuffed Pepper with Sweet Sour Sauce

Stuffed Pepper with Sweet Sour Sauce

Stuffed Pepper with Sweet Sour Sauce (ピーマンの肉詰め)


I like peppers, especially red ones. Cooked or raw, it doesn’t matter. The colour is lovely and the crunchy texture makes me feel that I am eating a real vegetable! (well, it is a vegetable…) The most comment pepper in Japan is much smaller that in Europe, about 7cm long, and is green. It’s not bell pepper, more like a thin skined marconi type (see the photo).

I didn’t like peppers when I was a child, to be honest, how many children did! It was always in the children’s top 3 least favorite list. However, this stuffed pepper was exceptional. This is one of my favorites. Maybe after simmering the taste changed, or I just liked the sauce.

I first cooked this with bell peppers because it used to be only pepper I could find in Switzerland. How was it? Different , because bell pepper skin is much thicker and harder, and it took ages to cook with frying pan. It may work in an oven, but tend to dry out the pepper and meat.

Since I found these marconi red and green peppers I started to make it again. Stuffed vegetables are always nice, the taste is great, and you can use lots of vegetables in one dish.

If you find these lovely thin skined pepper, try this recipe. I’m sure you will like it!