{:en}Japanese Confectionery (afternoon/après-midi) :Autumn-Winter 2020{:}{:fr}Japanese Confectionery (après-midi): autumn 2020{:}

Japanese Confectionery (afternoon/après-midi) :Autumn-Winter 2020

Japanese Confectionery : CHF69 Daifuku-Mochi (marron cream) + Dorayaki (matcha cream + anko) We will make marron cream filled Daifuku-Mochi & Dorayaki with matcha/anko filling at the Japanese confectionery class this season. Japanese Confectionery : CHF69 Daifuku-Mochi (marron cream) + Dorayaki (matcha cream/anko) * Japanese tea is included. * The menu uses dairy. Up coming […]

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cooking class

Upcoming Cooking Classes in June & July

Upcoming Cooking Classes / Spring-Summer 2020 You can see upcoming classes in June and July on the workshop calendar now. If you are interested in Japanese Home Cooking and Vegetarian with Japanese food, please contact me. Vous pouvez les cours à venir en juin et juillet voir sur le calendrier de l’atelier. Si vous êtes […]

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cooking class

Upcoming Cooking Classes / Spring-Summer 2020

These are our regular cookery classes with new menu from March. You can see them on the workshop calendar. Japanese Home Cooking : CHF105 Bento × Karaage  Vegetarian with Japanese Food  : CHF98 Soba Noodle & Goma Tôfu   Japanese Confectionery : CHF69 Daifuku-Mochi (berry cheesecake filling) & Kohakutô   Regular Classes Sushi Making – […]

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Vegetarian Ramen & Gyoza Class

VEGETARIAN RAMEN & GYOZA Ramen & Gyoza, they are top popular Japanese street food now. Why not for vegetarian?! You can learn how to make vegetarian Japanese dashi broth as well as the ramen noodle and gyoza. VEGETARIAN Ramen & Gyoza Class : CHF109 In this class, we will: make two soup bases : shôyu […]

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Gyoza Set Menu

Japanese Cooking Class Gyoza Set Menu Gyoza is a Japanese-style pan-fried + steamed dumpling. It’s a hands-on class. We make the gyoza from scratch and end up with a gyoza set meal!   Gyoza Making : CHF90p.p. (to take away after the class: CHF80p.p.) In this class we will: Make gyoza wraps from scratch Make gyoza […]

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{:en}Japanese Confectionery: Daifuku-Mochi & Dorayaki{:}{:fr}Douceurs japonaises{:}

Japanese Confectionery: Daifuku-Mochi & Dorayaki

Japanese Confectionery Daifuku-Mochi & Dorayaki In this class we make two sweet desserts : a special kind of Daifuku-Mochi and Dorayaki. Mochi is a rice paste made from glutinous rice. Classic Daifuku-Mochi is made of only two ingredients: sweet mochi and a sweet Azuki bean paste called anko. Ichigo-Daifuku adds a strawberry. Ichigo-Daifuku-Mochi is very […]

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Sushi for fun

Cooking for Fun: Sushi Making

Atelier Cuisine Japonais pour Votre Evénement Cooking for Fun : Sushi Making : CHF90p.p. Team building, Événement privé, Activité privée, Occasion special… Faire quelque chose avec un groupe c’est toujours amusant. Ce cours de sushi est pour un groupe d’ amis et n’est désigné pas seulement pour les personnes qui aiment cuisiner, mais aussi pour […]

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Uramaki sushi

Sushi Making Basics

Sushi Making Basics Would you like to make Sushi at home? Take the MatchaGreen workshop “Sushi: the basics”! You will learn how to prepare the sushi rice and other ingredients and how to make the sushi. Once you learn the tips, you can try these at home easily.      SUSHI MAKING BASICS : CHF105p.p. […]

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{:en}"Cooking for Fun" Workshops{:}{:fr}Ateliers de Cuisine "Fun"{:}

“Cooking for Fun” Workshops

Workshops for Your EVENT, “Cooking for Fun” The goal of a “Cooking for fun” session is the fun, not mastering the techniques. Each “Cooking for fun” workshop can be customized for you, based on a class from our regular offering. (Have a look at our Workshop Calendar to get an idea of what you can choose […]

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Intro Japanese Cooking Spring 2018

Cooking Classes in March & April

Cooking Classes in March & April >>> Schedules Calendar Sushi Basic 11 April / Avril (Wed/Me) 18h30 20 April / Avril (Fri /Ve) 10h 27 April / Avril (Fri / Ve) 18h30 Introduction Japanese Food <Spring/Printemps> 8 March / Mars (Thu/Jeu) 10h 21 March/Mars (Wed/Me) 10h Fully booked 23 March /Mars (Fri/Ve) 18h30 24 March/Mars […]

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Ramen & Gyoza Making

Japanese Cooking Class Ramen & Gyoza Making ( Preparation of Ramen and Gyoza ) Ramen and gyoza are popular in Japan and now all over the world. In this class you will learn to make everything you need to make ramen and gyoza, with recipes adapted to make them at home. Class details Ramen & […]

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Holiday classes for kids

Holiday cooking classes for children

Holiday Cooking Workshop theMatchaGreen offers special workshops the school holidays .   workshops details Making Sushi  Making Gyoza Workshop calendar

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