Autumn-Winter 2019

Autumn-Winter 2019

These are our regular cookery classes. You can find them on the workshop calendar.

Japanese Home Cooking: Batch Cooking with Japanese Meals

This season’s Japanese Home Cooking theme is “Japanese Batch Cooking”, which means to cook or prepare in advance. Most of my Japanese batch cooking dishes can be used as a base for other dishes. Therefore, once you cook one meal, you can use the “batch base” for different meals. Half of the work is already done, so it’s much easier and quicker.


Vegetarian with Japanese Food: Finger Food

We will make Japanese finger food, using Japanese ingredients and seasonal vegetables. All menus can be prepared in advance, so it will help your busy life. It is also useful for the festive season. Discover new flavours and recipes, then adapt to your everyday meals!


“Basics” Classes

Sushi – Basics

Salmon sushis

Ramen & Gyoza – Basics

Japanese Confectionery

Black Sesame Daifuku-mochi & Warabi-Mochi


Cooking for Fun Events

If you are thinking about a different kind of class, it can be from a minimum of 4 people (weekends and evenings from 6 people). Please book at least 2 weeks in advance.

These workshops have already proved popular as team events for colleagues and fun nights out for friends. Whatever the occasion, we can adapt it for you!

Depending on logistics, we may even be able to hold it at your house.

These are our “Cooking for Fun” classes:

>>> Sushi for fun

>>> Gyoza for fun

>>> Okonomiyaki & Yakatori

… or you could pick from the Regular Classes, and I will be very happy to customise it for you.

Let’s cook together!!